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UV Paint Parties and Paint Party Special Effects Equipment by Atlanta Special FX

UV Paint Parties and Paint Party Special Effects Equipment by Atlanta Special FX


Have you heard of or attended a Life in Color music festival event that is sometimes referred to as a “paint  party”?  At these types of concerts, dancing and screaming fans are usually blasted with gallons and gallons of colorful water based UV fluorescent paint that instantly glows in many different fluorescent colors and creates an awesome scene of special effects of people that quickly changes with the lighting.  

Professional entertainers and event party planners recommend and love using and creating these colorful neon glow special effects for their fans because it is an instant crowd pleaser and creates the most memorable party experience for everyone.  It is a lot of fun to glow in the dark and watch hundreds of others glow along with you as you dance to the beat of your favorite band or artist.  Most importantly the UV Paint Party Equipment is easy to install whether be it on your stage or by a person moving around the stage.  The UV Paint Party Stage Special Effects Equipment

UV Paint Party fans love attending these glow paint events because they become part of the show and can participate by throwing paint at other fans enjoying the concert or show off how much they can dance and glow under the UV Paint special effects with the lighting special effects of the concert.   These days you can also bring your own water based UV Paint if it is in powder form and create your own colorful glow.  Imagine the scene of thousands of people dancing and covered with ultra violet fluorescent colorful paint that glows as they move.

Create your own UV Paint Birthday Parties

How can you create your own UV Paint Party?  With Companies such as Atlanta Special FX, with years of experience in the manufacturing of special effects stage equipment used around the world in concerts and nightclubs, you can buy mobile UV Paint Cannon Guns or Cannons as they are called and blast your guests with UV fluorescent paint up to 50FT away.  You can create that same neon glow special effects like the professionals at Life in color do.  The UV Paint Party Special Effects Equipment is easy to install and operate and is easily programmable to sync with any music beat pattern or timed event.

Is it safe to use the UV Neon Paint?

The UV Neon Fluorescent paint has been specially formulated to be be the safest and non-skin or eye irritant available paint for parties and is the safest paint on the market.. It is a non-toxic water based washable fluorescent neon paint that glows under a black light (ultraviolet light). It was designed to wash off skin hair and most surfaces. Unlike many other paints, our formulated patent pending paint has been modified so that all colors glow bright under black lighting. It has very little to no odor and is made in America. It has been used on millions of users over many years and is considered to be the very best on the market by our customers. We know you will love our paint and be very thankful you chose us.


Buy or Rent your UV Neon Paint Blaster from Atlanta Special FX


The newest UV Neon Paint Party cryo gun from Atlanta Special FX is the latest in advanced mobile UV neon paint party equipment.  Atlanta Special FX is the only company in the United States that designed and created a mobile paint party gun for everyone to enjoy.  You can bring the same excitement as in Life in Color to your own backyard or to your own performance.  

The patent pending mobile UV glow paint sprayer allows paint performers and stilt walkers to bring paint anywhere in the arena.  This paint gun uses 16 ounce bottles of paint and a compressed gas to launch individual shots of paint up to 50 feet in the crowd.  No more little cheap squirt guns at your paint party.  Call today 888-664-0097 to be one of the first people to own this cutting edge technology.  Pre Order Now - Introductory Pricing

  • Advance Tube Design
  • Does Not Allow Paint To Flow Back Into Valve
  • High Quality Powder Coated Steel For Durability
  • Uses 16 Ounce Individual Paint Bottles (Sold Here)
  • Uses CO2 With Backpack or Compressed Air (Sold Separately)




While the paint is washable off of skin and hair, it may leave very mild stains on white t-shirts, flat white painted surfaces, and other light colored porous surfaces susceptible to staining. It is recommended to protect any areas of concern with painters plastic, found on rolls at many home improvement store locations.


Plan around drainage and other benefiting removal sources. Please note that gravity is in your favor. If you control the paint source and flow direction, you will know where it is going and how much. Always consider drainage and form your plan around the drains available.

Hard non-porous surfaces can easily be mopped up with liquid dish soap and water or sprayed down with a hose. If you have light colored carpet, consider rolling the carpeting up and moving it to a safe location. It is always recommended to test on a very small area with this product to make sure it washes off the area in question.


Although this product is a very washable paint, protect surrounding areas accordingly as some fabrics and materials can stain including but not limited to light colored fabrics, flat light colored painted surfaces, and certain unsealed concrete. If anyone is allergic to preservatives, such as those found in shampoo, do not use without proper consent from individual. Paint may be diluted but it is recommended to use within 2 weeks.


Our neon washable party paint has been specially formulated and designed to wash off skin hair and most surfaces. It is a temporary, fun, messy, non-toxic, water based fluorescent neon paint that glows under a black light (ultraviolet light) at your next paint party.


Our neon washable party paint is not designed for artist use or permanent application. Not recommended for permanent application on interior surfaces, including canvas, paper, plaster, metal, wood, plastic, or masonry.

Store up to 24 months: Keep out of direct sunlight. To avoid skinning, close container after each use. Keep lid tightly closed during storage. Protect from freezing.


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