Friday, April 27, 2012

CO2 Cryo Jets Keep Tongue And Groove Even Cooler with UFC in Atlanta

In case you missed it last weekend the UFC was welcomed into Atlanta with open arms.  Phillips arena hosted what was quite possibly the most anticipated fight of all time between champion John Jones and contender Rashad Evans.  To kick off the event one of the Atlanta hot spots Tongue and Groove invited one of Atlanta's own, Spencer Phillips, to bring a crew of his UFC buddies through for a fun night on the town. Atlanta Special FX was there in full effect to help keep the place cool with a couple of the high pressure CO2 jets and the popular handheld CO2 cryo guns. If you were at Tongue and groove and glanced into the VIP you would have seen intense blasts of super cold white fog on the faces, Ryan Bader, Gray Maynard, Aaron Simpson, Chris Weidman, Clay Harvison and even GSP; thats right even Georges St Pierre.  Atlanta Special FX owner Michael Willett commented "We are glad to help those who help support our company and products, so when Spencer asked me to bring something that would excite the crowd, I knew they needed some CO2 cryo jets." Other names you might recognize that were there with Mr. Phillips were Mike Mcliesh, owner of Head Rush along with MTV and BMX superstar TJ Lavin.  All I can say is what weekend and thank you to Tongue and Groove for taking great care of these guys and making sure they had a great weekend. 

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Atlanta Special FX Debuts New Dual Barreled Cryo Gun with Lasers

Atlanta Special FX Debuts New Dual-barreled Cryo Gun with Lasers Blasts

Atlanta Special FX handheld CO2 cyro gun
Atlanta Special FX introduces a new handheld CO2 cryo gun that sends beams of light through haze/fog with dual high intensity green lasers. The CO2 cyro gun creates two streams of cold cryo fog, via a cool double-barrel design that can be directed 120 degrees from each other. The unit is lightweight (weighs approximately 5lbs.) and is 21" long.
The CO2 cyro gun is designed for easy operations in any setting, and according to the company it utilizes a comfortable design for singlehanded or two-handed use. The removable dual green lasers are securely mounted and provide an added visual effect across hazed filled rooms; the lasers have a quick release tab and can be converted to red lasers. The CO2 is ideal for mobile DJ's and concert production teams and the company says it is currently used by nightclubs and production companies in over 10 countries to cool down their venues and add a layer of stunning visual effects.
Hip Hop star Lil' Jon was the first to use the CO2 cyro gun.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Check Out The New CO2 Dewar Tank Adapter Needed For CO2 Jets

 CO2 Dewar tanks make a safety change.
Top of Dewar Tank
If you haven't noticed it yet, you will soon.  The standard fitting for Dewar tanks has been changed to ensure safety for companies like Airgas when filling refrigerated liquid Dewar tanks.  For those who have never seen the top of a Dewar tank there are many gauges and fittings that can be quite confusing to the untrained eye, and especially the CO2 jet novice installer.  Not to be alarmed though because they are usually very well marked.  One outlet is the gas hookup, which most nightclubs and production companies use, and it contains the CGA 320 fitting.  Another valve you may notice on the top of the Dewar tank is the pressure builder.  This valve is used to build the pressure in the tank to max operating psi for CO2 jets.  And the last side is the liquid fill side, which is the side you will want to attach your CO2 hose too.  Over the past many years you have been able to attach a standard CGA 320 fitting directly on to the liquid side and operate your CO2 jet system no problem.  However now you will notice the next time you go to attach your cryo hose that it no longer matches to the liquid side.  The new standard for Dewar tanks is a female attachment coming off the tank, which requires a new adapter.  The new adapter required is the CGA-622, sold by Atlanta Special FX. 

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How Large Does The Venue Need To Be For CO2 Cryo Jets To Work Effectively?

What Size Venue Can Use CO2 Cryo Jets?
A popular question we get a lot is "Can we use CO2 cryo jets in our intimate club?" The answer is yes.  As we all know, the majority of nightclubs and bars are not superclubs and don't necessarily have 20 foot ceilings or multiple floors.  Instead they are more intimate and cozy.  For this reason a company named Atlanta Special FX designed multiple versions of the popular CO2 cryo foggers.  If you do have the stereotypical superclub with great ceiling height you can of course go with the single nozzle or dual nozzle cryo jet and use any size tank you desire.  For others with smaller venues and lower ceilings we recommend the low pressure single nozzle cryo jet.  This versatile unit can be mounted in a variety of positions and locations and the internal components were specifically designed with smaller venues in mind.  This restricted flow of CO2 makes for a much shorter and quieter fog blast.  (Of course they are still loud enough to get your attention)  So in closing if you have that venue that gets very hot during the course of a night, don't count yourself out.  Instead contact the knowledgeable staff at Atlanta Special FX and let them customize a CO2 system for you.  Check out more info on the low pressure cryo jet at

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Why Are CO2 Cryo Jets So Popular?

What makes CO2 jets so popular among nightclubs around the world?  Well I could start by telling you that global warming is causing the temperatures in clubs to go up every year, but you would say "yeah right." So instead of insulting your intelligence, because that would technically be right, we will just blame it on hundreds of hot, sweaty bodies dancing on the dance floor.  It seems no matter how great your AC system is once you slam 200-300 dancing bodies in a confined space the temperature starts to go up really quickly.  Most AC systems cannot keep up with a killer DJ, so nightclubs turn to an alternative source for cool blasts of air.  CO2 cryo jets are easy to install and cost a fraction of what expensive electric bills run each month.  Lets say for the average nightclub that the electric bill runs around a couple thousand per month compared to a couple hundred to run the CO2 cryo jets.  Not to mention CO2 cryo jets offer an immediate, on demand, blast of super cold fog capable of cooling a room approximately 10-20 degrees in a matter of seconds.  With the right equipment and controls your lighting and sound guy can now keep your guests dancing comfortably all night long.  Don't you feel you owe it to your guests to keep them comfortable.....and drinking?  For more information on how CO2 cryo jets operate and pricing info visit

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cryo Jets Blast On To Disney and Cameron Mackintosh's Mary Poppins Broadway Tour

Disney and Cameron Mackintosh's Mary Poppins Tour
Disney and Cameron Mackintosh's Mary Poppins Tour
Recently Atlanta Special FX was honored again to provide some fun visual effects for Disney and Cameron Mackintosh's Mary Poppins tour.  This magical Broadway musical has won the hearts of thousands and now Atlanta Special FX is helping provide a billowing smokestack scene with the popular single nozzle cryo jet.  There are many ways to utilize the energy created by the super cold CO2 blast associated with the stunning visual fog/smoke effect produced when the jet releases.  The dependable effects manufactured by Atlanta Special FX have been trusted by names like ABC, WeTV, Opera Winfrey Network, and many more TV/Movie production teams.  Mary Poppins, now in its 6th consecutive year, can be watched in New York, Fort Worth Texas, Austin Texas, and Fayettville Arkansas.  For more information and upcoming dates on this whimsical musical click here

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