Monday, February 25, 2013

NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Dual Nozzle Low Pressure CO2 Cryo Jet

CO2 Cryo Jet Low Pressure Dual Barrel
Low Pressure Dual Nozzle CO2 Cryo Jet
February 26th 2013: Atlanta Georgia
Atlanta Special FX has invented another first in the industry. Over the past 5 years ATL FX has made improvements to existing CO2 cryo systems, as well as new products for the CO2 fog idustry that are now distributed in 33 countries and growing. This time the popular low pressure CO2 jet, used for smaller venue permanant installs, has been given a boost and converted into a double barrel. This new design utilizes cutting edge components and advance tube design to blast two dense streams of super cold CO2 cryo fog. The new LP Dual CO2 Jet is ideal for smaller venues that only have enough room for one CO2 Dewar tank but want two streams of cold fog. Available in 120v or 230v. Distributor Opportunities Available Contact Atlanta Special FX today for savings: 1-888-664-0097 or visit the web at