Monday, January 25, 2016

CO2 Jet Machine Annual Sale- Buy One Get One 50% Off

co2 jet machine sale - Buy One Get One 50% Off
Its that time of year again.  Buy one dual or triple co2 cryo jet machine and get the second one 50% off. This sale only comes around once per year and is limited inventory.  CO2 cannons are ideal for cooling down hot nightclubs or simply creating stunning visual effects.  Atlanta Special FX has been creating these awesome machines for almost a decade and you can find them in over 90 countries.  Take advantage of this great sale and purchase your liquid co2 cryo cannons today.  Call now 888-664-0097 or visit the website at

Buy 2 and save 5% on all CO2 tank rentals until 2017 CO2 Masters

Buy 4 or more and save 10% on all tank rentals for the rest of the year

Act Now 888-664-0097

Monday, January 11, 2016

Buy Wholesale CO2 Jets DMX 512 LED - Save Big

LED DMX512 CO2 Cryo Jet
On Monday January 11th 2016 Atlanta Special FX came to the market with a low cost CO2 cryo jet machine.  These budget friendly CO2 jets are manufactured by an overseas lighting company and distributed here in the states by several FX companies.  The CO2 cryo cannons come complete with DMX 512 and powercon connectors for easy programming, installation and daisy chaining.  The units use liquid co2 and blast super cold fog plumes approximately 15 feet in the air.  We asked owner Michael Willett "Why would you add a foreign made CO2 jet when you already manufacture co2 jets in the USA?" His response was "These jets fill a need for event companies, DJ's, small venues and startup businesses who want the cold fog effect, but simply don't have the budget for a higher end system.  We are here to help our customers no matter what level of business they are in."  To learn more or to purchase your starter CO2 cryo jet system today at

Call 888-664-0097 and order today.

CO2 Jets In A Nightclub