Sunday, April 28, 2013

BRAND NEW TO MARKET CO2 Powered Neon Paint Cannon - Industry First

Atlanta Special FX announces the newest CO2 product to go into production, the CO2 Neon Paint Cannon. This sleek, black powder coated unit is lightweight and user-friendly, weighing 17 lb, with a steel frame for dependable use. The cannon measures 36" long it is capable of blasting 1.5 gallons of neon paint per second at distances that range from 30' to 75'.
This unit is DMX controllable and has multiple launch angles for customizing the user's blast distance. It is also fully collapsible for easy storage and transportation.
Over the years Atlanta Special FX has developed a thorough line of CO2 products. Their products are sold in 39 countries with a growing distributor family. Their line of products includes CO2 cryo jets (both single nozzle and double nozzle) and in a low and high pressure application, a full line of handheld CO2 cryo guns (both single and double nozzle), a mobile mini version for stage performers, high output custom CO2 confetti cannons, and now the CO2 neon paint cannon. Check out the video below and place your order today.  Call Now 1-888-664-0097 x 1 or visit the website for more details and specifics.