Tuesday, July 9, 2013

ON SALE NOW-CO2 Cryo Jets Double Nozzle Big Savings

CO2 Cryo Jet Double Barrel

CO2 Cryo Jets On Sale Now - Buy One Get One 50% Off.  It is that time of year again for our annual CO2 Cryo Jet sale.  Atlanta Special FX loves to pass savings on to our most loyal customers and each year we do an unheard of sale for a very limited time on our CO2 cryo fog systems.  The double barrel CO2 jet is an unmatched cold fog system and is manufactured right here in the USA.  Designed and fabricated from years of field experience, this unit possesses all the necessary attributes of a dependable and accountable cold fog delivery system.  The cryo jet is manufactured using the highest grade components possible and protected by a rugged, but lightweight powder coated steel casing.  The unique tube design produces eye popping visual effects while covering large spaces with a super cold fog cloud.  The advanced tube design allows for the unit to be small and concealable for easy installation.  It contains multiple mounting options, including a simple to use bolt access for C clamps, S clamps or other mounting systems.  The two barrels can adjusted to blast at angles from 0 to 180 degrees and can be mounted upright, side, upside down and on back.  This unit is truly the Cadillac in the industry.  The fog jet can be controlled by DMX 512, wirelessly, or manually using a variety of industry control systems.  Coming soon the Atlanta Special FX, Fire Control System, will make for simple push button firing from any stage.  For more information on how to save money purchasing this system, please contact Atlanta Special FX by calling 1-888-664-0097 x 1

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Friday, May 31, 2013

CO2 Cryo Jets By Atlanta Special FX Blast Off For The WNBA Atlanta Dream

Dual Nozzle CO2 Cryo Jet by Atlanta Special FX

CO2 Cryo Jets Rock Philips Arena For WNBA Atlanta Dream.

On Saturday May 25th at Phillips Arena in Atlanta Georgia fans witnessed Atlanta Special FX and East Coast Pyrotechnics blasting some cool special effects as the Atlanta Dream took the court for their WNBA season opener.  The special effects team used a combination of the dual nozzle co2 cryo fog cannons (Seen Left) manufactured by Atlanta Special FX and air burst to announce the Dream players.  Just before the national anthem, the special effects team rolled into place two 12 foot co2 cryo towers that served as the pillars for the women to run through.  As each player ran through the gateway, 1-3 pyrotechnic air burst would fire and co2 cryo fog would be blasted from tops of the towers.  If you notice in the video the dual nozzle cryo jet fog blasts make a perfect W signifying the Women's National Basketball Association.  This was the first time the Atlanta Dream had utilized the co2 cryo jet systems and management thanked us after the effect and said it was exactly what they wanted! For more information on how you can rent or purchase professional grade co2 cryo jet machines, contact Atlanta Special FX at 888-664-0097 or visit them on the web at www.ATLspecialFX.com
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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Co2 Cryo Jet System Secret Promo Code Sale - Big Big Savings On CO2 Jets

co2 jet fog system

Single Nozzle Co2 Cryo Jet

Co2 Cryo Jet Sale Happens Once Every Year.

Its that time of year again and Atlanta Special FX is happy to announce the CO2 cryo jet super savings week is coming up.  Last year we sold every unit we had on the shelf and then some and this year will be much of the same.  Over the past year Atlanta Special FX has added 5 new products including the: Co2 cryo jet (Low Pressure Dual Nozzle), CO2 cryo gun (mini blaster), Co2 Neon Paint Cannon (Awesome), Co2 confetti cannon (Ideal Cannon), and the Co2 cryo gun (Dual Nozzle With Lasers).  And there are many more new products in research and development now.  These new products strengthen this industry leading line of Co2 special effects products manufactured by Atlanta Special FX and we love having the opportunity to give back to our loyal customers.  This year we will be having a secret promo code that you can only get by sharing our link on facebook and retweeting our posts on Twitter.  The promo code can then be used at www.ATLspecialFX.com when you check out.  The more you Tweet and Share the more of a discount you will receive.  To start saving on Co2 cryo jet systems you can follow this link to our facebook page and share the link.  The sale will start Monday May 13th and end on Friday May 17th.  There is no limit on the number of co2 jets you can purchase and if you purchase 4 or more you will also receive a FREE DMX 4 channel dimmer/switch by Elation.  Now time to start saving.  Click here and share this link on your facebook page for your code http://www.atlspecialfx.com/collections/co2-cryo-fog-smoke

Thank You From Atlanta Special FX And Let The Fun Begin

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

BRAND NEW TO MARKET CO2 Powered Neon Paint Cannon - Industry First

Atlanta Special FX announces the newest CO2 product to go into production, the CO2 Neon Paint Cannon. This sleek, black powder coated unit is lightweight and user-friendly, weighing 17 lb, with a steel frame for dependable use. The cannon measures 36" long it is capable of blasting 1.5 gallons of neon paint per second at distances that range from 30' to 75'.
This unit is DMX controllable and has multiple launch angles for customizing the user's blast distance. It is also fully collapsible for easy storage and transportation.
Over the years Atlanta Special FX has developed a thorough line of CO2 products. Their products are sold in 39 countries with a growing distributor family. Their line of products includes CO2 cryo jets (both single nozzle and double nozzle) and in a low and high pressure application, a full line of handheld CO2 cryo guns (both single and double nozzle), a mobile mini version for stage performers, high output custom CO2 confetti cannons, and now the CO2 neon paint cannon. Check out the video below and place your order today.  Call Now 1-888-664-0097 x 1 or visit the website for more details and specifics.  http://www.atlspecialfx.com/collections/co2-cryo-fog-smoke/products/co2-neon-paint-cannon-36


Monday, February 25, 2013

NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Dual Nozzle Low Pressure CO2 Cryo Jet

CO2 Cryo Jet Low Pressure Dual Barrel
Low Pressure Dual Nozzle CO2 Cryo Jet
February 26th 2013: Atlanta Georgia
Atlanta Special FX has invented another first in the industry. Over the past 5 years ATL FX has made improvements to existing CO2 cryo systems, as well as new products for the CO2 fog idustry that are now distributed in 33 countries and growing. This time the popular low pressure CO2 jet, used for smaller venue permanant installs, has been given a boost and converted into a double barrel. This new design utilizes cutting edge components and advance tube design to blast two dense streams of super cold CO2 cryo fog. The new LP Dual CO2 Jet is ideal for smaller venues that only have enough room for one CO2 Dewar tank but want two streams of cold fog. Available in 120v or 230v. Distributor Opportunities Available Contact Atlanta Special FX today for savings: 1-888-664-0097 or visit the web at http://www.atlspecialfx.com/collections/co2-cryo-fog-smoke