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CO2 Cryo Jets Blasting at Opera Nightclub in Atlanta GA for DJ Alesso

The Opera Nightclub in Atlanta, Ga. ( a must see! )
Posted by Elisa Goad on March 6, 2012 at 7:30pm

I experience 6 to 8 electronic music festivals a year ( for the last 4 years now), and I can honestly say I have seen some of the most amazing lighting rigs in the biz. In my travels I have met some of the most amazing people (patrons of said festivals). These people are so amazing that when they come within a few hours of Orlando ( to work mostly) I have a great excuse to go visit them. This time our very good friend Brian (lives in LA) was running thru Atlanta for work, AND all we needed was an excuse to get out of Orlando. Even better the excuse to go to Atlanta (and a certain nightclub) came in the form of DJ Alesso ( Blog on Roxy nightclub) who was playing at the Opera Nightclub on Friday. Brian would be there all that weekend ( free hotel room!!) so everything fell in place to go. Every once in a while I like to feel I can be spontaneous! ( Even though we planned the visit a few weeks in advance) The spontaneous part would be that it would take 7 hours to drive to Atlanta, we would stay there for 10 hours, and then we would drive back 7 hours. All my friends and co-workers who heard our plans thought it was kind of silly to only go to Atlanta for just a few hours, but dammit, I was being spontaneous, remember? So Nick, Louie, and I packed for a one and a half-day trip, and headed to Atlanta.

One quick side note, if you are ever in Atlanta, you must take the time to find and visit Flip Burger Boutique. This unique burger joint is the brainchild of BRAVO’s season 8 ‘ Top Chef’s All-Stars’, Richard Blais. I know this isn’t tech talk but I KNOW technicians, and we love good food! We love good, inexpensive food, which surprisingly was another great reason to go. This is a one of a kind experience you CAN NOT miss. I’ll post a link to get your stomach growling later.

OK let’s get back to the nightclub and the tech talk. The Opera is located in midtown Atlanta in a trendy neighborhood with bars/nightspots in every direction. In addition to the main room, there is a large outdoor tent attached with a Hookah bar, seating for the patron looking to have a smoke, or reserve a VIP table. This tent can easily be covered for cold nights and then opened during the summer months ( a local friend says its very nice in the summer).

I had a chance to talk to the resident LD David Obert. I must thank David for talking to me because I had no voice and had a hard time asking him questions. David works with a Jands 1000 console, and has a fair amount of lights in the main room. He has 10 Technobeams ( I accidently asked how many Trackspots, but I really meant Technobeams-I promise) 10 Studio Spots, 4 HES StudioColors, and 2 X Spots. For the bang he has 4 Martin Atomic 3000’s, and architectural and spot fixtures he has 16 1K pars throughout the room.

I love the extras a club can offer, and for the tech side of me, Opera has a 12-jet CO2 system. They are all focused on the center of the crowd, and are fired at the right time ( don’t get me started on bad firing habits I’ve seen) The CO2 system was installed by Atlanta Special FX. David also has a 4-jet LN2 ( Liquid Nitrogen) effect from KrygonFX out of Miami. I would consider these extras because they do cost some coin to maintain, so thanks Opera for not being frugal.

The main room has a classic theatre look, but with a club feel and the DJ front and center like a rock star. There are several VIP booths on the 2nd floor that have great viewing areas of the DJ, and crowd. There is a secondary room near the back of the building that has a dancer pole in the middle of the floor. The entire club has wood floors, which I personally feel the reason the acoustics were FANTASTIC. Alesso had failed to impress my friends back in Orlando, but he killed it in Atlanta. They see why we must travel as much as possible, because we are noticing a trend of DJ’s playing flat sets in Orlando.

David really wanted to tell me the audio specs ( he just got a new sound system) and I told him I only focus on Lighting/Video, but he persuaded me to take down a few specs. He was pretty excited about the new gear, so I have no problem adding the audio ( because it was awesome ) Opera got a GEO audio system from Nexo Systems, just a week prior to my visit. One last prop to give goes to Active Lighting Production and Design for the clubs over-all appealing look. To quote David, “ what I really enjoy about working at Opera is the fact that they are constantly evolving. They really try to push the limits for what a nightclub can do.” He goes on to say “they have a huge respect for the production values for these shows so I am constantly working to ensure that they are flawless and memorable.” I like the attitude! David has also had the privilege to work at Eleven50 as well as the Opera for close to 14 years. I love hearing stories about techs that enjoy the lighting life and where it gets them, residency at really great clubs.

Please free to ask any questions and please go visit Opera in Atlanta, the next time you are there.

Pictures provided by David Obert, Nick, and Liquified.

I wish I had more pictures, but then you will have to go in person to see the venue!

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Where To Buy CO2 Cryo Jet Systems?

Over the past several years many nightclubs, sports teams, and production companies have made the switch from more expensive liquid nitrogen or LN2 systems to the more affordable, and effective, option of liquid CO2 systems.  The popular club effect can be found manufactured by a variety of different companies, including Chinese and UK models, but here is one of the most dependable CO2 cryo manufacutrers state side; Atlanta Special FX.  Atlanta Special FX burst on to the scene in 2008 and their cryo jets are the most popular and affordable cryogenic systems you will find in the United States.  They offer a variety of CO2 effects including: Handheld CO2 Cryo Guns, Single Nozzle CO2 Jets, Dual Nozzle CO2 Blasters, and Continuos Flow Confetti Cannons.  The units are designed with only the best components and housed in a sleek, black powder coated steel casing.  They are durable, to say the least, and have stood the test of time being used by some of the businest touring road crews in the world.  Not to mention backed by a warranty and customer service team that will be hard to duplicate.  So if you are searching for a dependable special effects manufacturer, check out http://www.atlantaspecialfx.com/Fog-Smoke%20Machines.htm

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Does A Dual Nozzle CO2 Cryo Jet Have Less Pressure Than A Single

When searching to buy a CO2 cryo jet system for your company you may have ran across several systems and have a couple questions.  One popular question is "Does the dual nozzle co2 cryo jet have less output than the single nozzle?"  There are a couple of different answers and it really depends on the CO2 tanks you decide to use for your install.  Options for your CO2 tank rentals or purchases are liquid siphon tube tanks in these sizes listed below:

  1. 20 lb Liquid Siphon CO2 Tank
  2. 50 lb Liquid Siphon CO2 Tank (Seen to the right)
  3. 75 lb Liquid Siphon CO2 Tank
  4. 100 lb Liquid Siphon CO2 Tank
  5. 400 lb Liquid Dewar Tank (Seen Below to the left)

The main differences between the tanks is the pressure that the CO2 is compressed under.  The 20 and 50 lb Siphon tanks are pressurized at approximately 850 psi compared to the Dewar tank at approximately 350 psi.  The Atlanta Special FX Dual Nozzle Cryo Jet does produce a slightly shorter blast of CO2 fog when using the lower pressure refiigerated Dewar tank setup.  Using a high pressure system you should still see approximately 20 feet of cryo fog and more (in humid climates) but should hardly notice a difference.  Click here to watch videos of the units working on a high pressure system.  http://www.atlantaspecialfx.com/Fog-Smoke%20Machines.htm

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HUGE Sale on Handheld CO2 Cryo Guns - One Week Only

This is the sale of the year on CO2 cryo foggers.  The club scene has popularized the portable handheld cryo gun and now Atlanta Special FX has made it affordable for you.  This sale has never been done by anyone in the industry and may never be done again so don't miss out.  This cool, literally cool, dj effect is totally mobile and doesnt require any electricity so you can take it into any venue or on the road with minimal efforts, and trust they will work great everytime.  Used with proper lighting it can even be made to look like a flame effect (As seen in the photo above)  In addition if you purchase a cryo kit (Including Backpack and 4 Foot Cryo Hose Seen Below) you will receive 10% off your accessories.  Call today and take advantage of the savings. 404-644-2804

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What Is A Handheld CO2 Cryo Gun? Mobile CO2 Fog Gun

Are you a mobile DJ or a nightclub looking to add some WOW factor to your show?  Then you might have asked yourself "What is a handheld cryo gun my buddies are talking about?"  The photo to the left shows one version of the popular CO2 blaster known as the handheld cryo gun manufactured by Atlanta Special FX.  Cryo gun foggers have hit the scene hard and add stunning visual effects to otherwise standard DJ sets or club playlists.  This portable cryo blaster has been used by some of the BIGGEST names in the business.  You might have seen the Atlanta Special FX cryo gun at a Steve Aoki, LMFAO, Kesha, or other concert and wondered "What was that" This "cool" fog effect is also used weekly during NCAA college football, NBA, NFL and NHL as well as countless high schools and colleges across the nation.  Another great place to see this effect in action is at your local super club or bar.  The super cold CO2 fog is especially helpful in cooling down venues once a lot of guest fill the room.  Most nightclubs and bars just simply don't have the HVAC cooling systems strong enough to keep up with the rising heat generated by hundreds of dancing guests.  All it takes is a few second blast to cool the dance floor approximately 10-20 degrees.  For more information on the Handheld Cryo Gun click here http://www.atlantaspecialfx.com/Fog-Smoke%20Machines.htm or visit the FAQ page at http://www.atlantaspecialfx.com/Cryo_Jet_CO2_FAQs.pdf

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How To Install A CO2 Cryo Jet by Atlanta Special FX

If you have never installed a CO2 cryo jet system it may seem like a daunting task.  After you read through this short paragraph you will know all the ins and outs of installing your own CO2 cryo system with either high pressure tanks or low pressure Dewar tanks.  All the pros in the special effects world understand it doesn't take years of experience to install the CO2 cryo jets manufactured by Atlanta Special FX.  These cryo blasters are engineered to save you time and money.  They can be mounted in a variety of positions allowing for easy setup in all types of venues. 

If you notice on the photo to the left the lower, and back, mounting plates are designed to use screws for mounting to the floor, wall, and ceiling.  The multi mounting points allow the CO2 units to be installed right side up, lefts side, right side and upside down.  It also includes a pre drilled hole for easy mounting to a truss system using a J-clamp or C-clamp.  Once you have decided on your mounting the next thing to do is consider the location of your tanks in relation to your cryo nozzles.  Ideally you will want to keep your tanks as close to the CO2 jets as possible and always use tested and approved cryo hosing.  With that in mind, here are some general guidelines (NOT REQUIREMENTS) you will want to follow with your hose lengths:

  1. Do your best to stay at 50-70 feet or less from your tanks when using low pressure Dewar tanks. (Closer is better)
  2. Try to keep a direct line between your cryo jets and your tanks.  (The less 90 degree turns the better)
  3. When using high pressure tanks you can use longer hoses (But if the CO2 sets in the hoses for extended periods of time between shots you will experience the noise before the white fog comes out)
  4. It is optional to use T fittings and attach multiple jets to a single hose.
Now that you have decided the location of tanks and the location of cryo jets, you will need to distinguish between the cryo hose ends to determine which hooks to which.  The brass end is a standard CO2 fitting and attaches to the liquid CO2 bottle and the silver end attaches to the cryo jet.  Once you have attached your hoses you will now need to determine how you will power the jets on and off.  Most industry professionals use a 4 channel DMX dimmer / switch kit. (Sold Separately).  Others use items such as foot switches, push button firing systems, and even as manual as a surge protector.  The cryo jets only need a simple on off signal.  When the jet is on, CO2 plumes of fog will shoot from the nozzle and when they are off there will be no noise or fog.  The last things you will want to do are test fire the jets, without the gas on, listening for the clicking on/off sound.  Once you have tested the on/off it is time open your CO2 bottle.  Be sure the cryo unit is off, open the valve on top of the CO2 bottle all the way and the line will pressurize.  It is always good practice to leave the bottle closed until just before you need the effect.  This will ensure a nice, instant plume of fog when you power the CO2 fogger on.

CO2 fog is a great way to entertain your guests as well as provide stunning visual and audible effects while cooling the room down.  This is why CO2 foggers are a popular item for any nightclub venue.

We hope this article has shed a little light on your CO2 jet purchase.   If you have questions or comments, a professional technician is always standing by to assist you.

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