Thursday, February 11, 2016

NEW UV Neon Glow PaintBlaster - Patent Pending Mobile Paint Gun

UV Neon Paint Blaster
On February 11, 2016 Atlanta Special FX released the newest patent pending UV Neon CO2 Cryo Blaster.  Atlanta Special FX is a pioneer of American made CO2 Cryo Jet Fog systems and has been for almost a decade.  ATL FX is also the company that changed the landscape of smaller UV Neon Paint parties with its patent pending UV Neon Paint Cannon.  Now they have hit the rage market with yet another cutting edge glow party must have. This glow party gun promises to be one of the most used UV Neon Paint products in the industry today.  The proprietary co2 gun includes a long barrel with a threaded attachment allowing a mobile user to insert a 16 ounce bottle of UV Neon paint and blast it out with the squeeze of the trigger.  The barrel design causes the UV paint to atomize and spread out as it is sprayed into the crowds.  The vacuum fed system pulls the UV neon paint, or water, and blasts it up to 50 feet in to the crowd.  The back of the crowd is no longer a safe place to hang out if you are trying to stay paint free.  Owner Michael Willett told us "The innovation behind this product came from customers who say they couldn't make it to the front of the mosh pit area during a UV neon paint party.  So we created a mobile unit that allows a stilt walker or performer the ability to use a mobile backpack with compressed gas and walk around to the back of the crowd.  For years we have been watching kids use cheap squirt guns from Amazon or Walmart at a major production seemingly downgrading the event quality.  We want everyone to throw a top notch show similar to Life In Color, but scaled down." After seeing the product in action you are sure to be at the top of the game.
Side View UV Neon Paint Blaster
UV Neon Paint Bottle Adapter
 Willett also told us they are creating a (Rambo) style shoulder belt that will allow you to carry 8 of the 16 ounce bottles at a time.  Each time one is empty you simply unscrew it and screw in another one.

One other feature about the UV paint blaster that makes it unique is that it runs off of compressed air or compressed CO2.  It also has an adapter kit that allows you to attach paint ball co2 canisters eliminating the weight of larger CO2 tanks. According the team at Atlanta Special FX there are demo videos coming over the next few days.  If you would like to pre order the UV neon paint blaster simply call 888-664-0097 or visit the website and order today.

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Newly Designed Foam Monster® Foam Party Machine

Newly Designed Foam Monster®
On Monday February 9th, just one day after the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers in the Super Bowl, Atlanta Special FX released the hottest new foam machine on the market.  The newly designed Foam Monster® is now smaller and sleeker, but with the same high output.  The proprietary combination of components used in the Foam Monster® along with Double Stack concentrate foam party juice, produces one of the highest and driest stacking foams in the business.  Since 2008 Atlanta Special FX has been manufacturing quality foam machines and foam party accessories like inflatable foam pits, foam cannons, and ultra high quality foam soap formula.  The new Foam Monster® foam machine can be rented or purchased by visiting the website at  or you can call to order 888-664-0097

The newly designed foam generator includes a mounting bracket allowing the unit to be installed in multiple different venues.  It can be placed on tripods, mounted to the wall, hung from trussing, or simply hung from the ceiling.  The machine includes a submersible pump and water supply hose.  The latest addition to the already popular unit is the fact that it can now be convertible.  The new design allows a foam cannon style cone to be attached with velocro, or you you can remove the cone and use as a fountain style foam maker.  Check out these photos:

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